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At The Donahey Law Firm, our Columbus birth injury lawyers have experience in the highly sensitive area of birth injuries, which have occurred as the result of medical negligence or any type of accident. We serve families in cases involving cerebral palsy, forceps trauma, untreated jaundice, and other delivery room errors. To discuss your case and receive your FREE case evaluation, contact us today.

With offices throughout Ohio, our Columbus personal injury law firm serves families statewide, who have suffered the tragedy of a birth injury. We help parents understand the legal ramifications of these incidents. Our experienced birth injury lawyers bring a broad medical and legal understanding of birth injuries and provide you with the best opportunity to obtain fair compensation for the pain and suffering, medical expenses, and future damages caused by the accident.

What Are Birth Injuries?

A birth injury is any type of damage inflicted on the infant's body before, during, or just after birth. The injuries can range from minor bruises and skin irritations to severe damage to the brain that may result in the death of the infant. These brain injuries can occur when the newborn child is deprived of oxygen, or is bleeding inside the brain from trauma during pregnancy, labor, or delivery.

At The Donahey Law Firm, our attorneys can assist with guidance regarding birth injuries, as well as any other severe or catastrophic personal injury. We have handled numerous cases involving injuries to infants and we can answer your very difficult questions in this area.

Our lawyers have a proven track record in birth injury cases, visit our verdicts and settlements page for a list of some of our results. For additional resources, please visit our birth injury information center or contact us for a FREE case evaluation.

A few of the birth injury cases we handle include:

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