Newborn Brain Injury

Causes of Neonatal Brain Damage

Brain injury can often be avoided through good obstetric and neonatal care. However, sometimes parents who do everything right still experience the devastation of a neonatal birth injury. If your newborn baby suffered a brain injury despite your best efforts, it is a good idea to talk with a lawyer about your options. Your lawyer can help you understand if medical malpractice was involved. If it was, your lawyer can also represent you during negotiation and litigation.

At The Donahey Law Firm, we have been representing clients throughout Ohio in medical malpractice litigation since 1968. Our experienced newborn birth injury lawyers have extensive skill, in-depth knowledge of the law and the resources to pursue your case all the way through trial.

There are many reasons why brain damage/injuries happen to babies during pregnancy or during the birthing process:

Often these brain injuries could have been avoided if the right monitoring had been conducted, or the right preventative actions had been administered. Some studies have shown that a "cooling therapy" might also have limited the affects of the brain injury.

Medical malpractice cases like these often come down to a battle between experts. At trial, we will introduce testimony by well-qualified experts. These experts will give their opinion about what should have happened and how the hospital's actions fell short. The other side uses experts too. Hospitals and their insurance companies often come to trial armed with experts to testify that things were done correctly when dealing with a neonatal brain injury. We take this seriously.

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