Ohio Medical Malpractice Lawyers Taking Action After a Stillbirth

The death of a baby is one of the most devastating events that can happen to a family. If medical malpractice caused your loss, talk with an attorney about your legal options. At The Donahey Law Firm, with a main office in Columbus, Ohio, we represent the victims of medical malpractice in claims throughout Ohio.

Our attorneys use in-depth experience, knowledge and skill to help clients put forward a strong case. This approach has helped us represent thousands of clients, receiving tens of millions of dollars in favorable settlements and jury verdicts.

Our clients include the parents of stillborn children, seeking to hold doctors accountable for a baby's death. They also include the victims of many other types of personal injury and wrongful death.

When we take your case, you can depend on The Donahey Law Firm to do everything possible within the bounds of the law to get a successful outcome for you and your stillborn child. Whether it involves recovering money for medical costs or emotional pain and suffering, we strive to help you receive the compensation you need.

We represent clients in many different situations, including those where substandard care was provided during the pregnancy as well as those where signs of fetal distress were ignored during labor and delivery.

A Team Approach That Sets Us Apart

At The Donahey Law Firm, each client works closely with one lawyer throughout his or her stillborn-related case. However, our team approach to litigation sets us apart. Our firm meets on a weekly basis to discuss each case, and more frequently when developments in a case require it. This enables our firm to focus the right resources on each case and maximize the possibility of success.

If you suspect that medical malpractice may have been behind the death of your baby, let us help file a claim to hold doctors accountable for the harm. Call our Ohio law offices toll free at 866-918-5886 or contact us online. Initial consultations are free, confidential and at no obligation.