Drugs Used to Stop Preterm Labor

Taking Action When Drugs are Wrongly Used to Arrest Labor

It is a sad fact of life that bad things happen to good people. Bad things can happen for reasons beyond anyone's control. But they can also happen because of a doctor's negligence. When negligence is involved, it is critical to hold that doctor accountable for the harm he or she caused to your baby.

At The Donahey Law Firm, we focus on filing claims to hold doctors throughout Ohio accountable for medical malpractice. Since 1968, we have been establishing a record of success in all types of medical malpractice cases. We continue to build this record with each case we accept.

Some of the cases we handle involve use of drugs to arrest (or stop) pre term labor. These drugs include Magnesium sulfate or Terbutaline (Brethine), which can have serious negative side effects on both mother and child. If they are used wrongly and cause harm, it may be possible to take decisive legal action. Contact our Columbus, Ohio, law offices to learn how.

Investigating Why Drugs Were Used to Arrest Labor

When drugs were given to a mother to prevent labor during pregnancy, it is important to look at why those drugs were given. Often, an underlying problem is to blame for early or pre term labor. An infection may have led the doctor to prescribe drugs, or something may have been found wrong with the fetus.

At The Donahey Law Firm, we take a thorough approach to birth injury cases. We look into all possible facts that could affect the outcome of a medical malpractice case. This includes reviewing your medical records, consulting with highly-respected experts and interviewing witnesses.

One of the reasons we can take this approach is the high level of skill and experience our attorneys possess. We use extensive resources to travel across the country, if needed, to help you put forward a strong medical malpractice case.

If you suspect that medical malpractice may have happened to you or someone you care about, you should ask — you need to ask — the difficult questions. Let us help you ask them. Call our Ohio law offices toll free at 866-918-5886 or contact us online. Initial consultations with our experienced lawyers are free, confidential and at no obligation.