Wrongful Birth

Wrongful Birth Lawsuits

When baby is born with severe genetic defects, family members are left with an enormous financial burden for the care and treatment of the child. Furthermore, the child is left to contend with a lifetime of challenges and hardships few of us can imagine. Wrongful birth lawsuits address the following questions:

  • Would parents have terminated the pregnancy if they had known of the genetic defect?
  • Would they have chosen not to get pregnant if they had known the risks?

When doctors fail to disclose information about potential genetic defects, parents may pursue compensation through a wrongful birth lawsuit.

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Did Your Doctor Fail to Disclose a Risk?

Modern technology allows doctors to perform genetic screening that provides early warning signs of Down's syndrome, Fragile X syndrome and other genetic disorders. It is important that parents have access to this information so they can make decisions that will affect them and their child for life.

Our attorneys understand the sensitive nature of wrongful birth cases and handle them with care and compassion. We understand the standard of care doctors, medical laboratories and other parties bear in terms of screening fetuses as well as parents for genetic defects. We are dedicated to helping our clients achieve fair compensation for the consequences of a wrongful birth.

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