Can You Sue Someone Over a Dog Bite in Ohio?

Ohio Dog Bite Lawyer

In Ohio, specific laws govern the care and restraint of domestic pets. If an animal has injured you or a family member, you may have a valid claim against the pet's owner. If you have been bitten or attacked by a dog in Ohio, you need the assistance and aid of an aggressive and experienced dog bite attorney. The Donahey Law Firm is a successful and experienced law firm with the resources to handle every aspect of a dog bite case in communities throughout Ohio.

Pet owners are responsible for their pets, and are accountable in the event their pet injures a person. A person who has control or owns a vicious animal can be liable for personal injuries caused by that animal. When an animal attacks a person, the injuries can be severe. In addition to the medical expenses, physical scars, and disfigurement, the victim of such an attack may suffer emotional scarring for years.

Liability Of Pet Owners Under Ohio Law

Pet owners can held accountable through two legal doctrines:

  • Strict liability means that a dog's owner or keeper is automatically liable for any harm inflicted by the animal. This includes bite wounds as well as injuries caused when dogs jump up or chase. There are limited defenses to strict liability, such as trespassing or provoking the dog. Under strict liability, the owner is responsible even their normally friendly dog has never bitten anyone before and even if the bite occurs on the owner's property or while the dog is on a leash.
  • Negligence may apply if the owner knowingly harbored a dog with a history of biting people or was otherwise careless in allowing a dangerous dog to roam or get loose. The monetary damages may be different under a negligence claim, and a lawsuit may include both types of claims. Negligence may come into play if the owner violated a local ordinance, such as a municial leash law or ban on certain dangerous breeds.

Dog owners who take the time to responsibly own and socialize their dogs can prevent most dog bites, and owners who fail to properly socialize their dogs should be held accountable for the injuries their dogs inflict. In addition, dog owners should socialize their dogs to feel at ease around people and other animals. Since dog bites are a largely preventable public health problem, Ohio law makes the owners and keepers of dogs strictly liable for the injuries and bites caused by their dogs.

Compensation For Dog Bites

Victims of dog attacks may be entitled to damages for their physical injuries. This may include surgery and other medical treatment of bite and claw wounds, nerve damage or infections, plus lost time from work. For people bitten on the face, head or arms, scarring and disfigurement is a major element of damages. Victims are entitled to damages for pain and suffering, which may include emotional trauma. For example, children may suffer from nightmares or be fearful of all dogs after an attack.

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