Nurse Errors

Can You Sue a Nurse for Medical Malpractice?

What happens when a nurse or nurse's assistant fails to provide adequate nursing care? With luck, the patient may only experience some mild discomfort. However, in some cases, it can lead to a serious medical problem or even death.

The victim of nurse error or negligence has the right to claim compensation for pain, suffering and other losses. If the victim has passed away, family members can demand answers regarding what happened and compensation for loss of income, consortium and other comforts the deceased provided.

The Donahey Law Firm is a strong advocate for people who have suffered injuries and losses due to nursing neglect, medical negligence and other types of medical malpractice. With more than 40 years experience on behalf of injured people, we understand how to build strong and persuasive cases for our clients.

Our Ohio lawyers represent people in cases involving:

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A Comprehensive Investigation

Our attorneys have extensive experience investigating medical malpractice cases. We know where to look for evidence and how to interpret medical charts and other data. Our firm will undertake a comprehensive investigation to find out what happened, when it happened and who was responsible. The Donahey Law Firm will get the answers you deserve.

Building the Case for Compensation

We will also take the full measure of the losses the victim and victim's family suffered. This can include compensation for medical costs, lost income, the victim's pain and suffering, the family's emotional suffering and other losses.

The Donahey Law Firm, headquared in Columbus, Ohio and with offices throughout Ohio, is a personal injury firm that is highly experienced in dealings with insurance companies. In some cases, our strong case preparation enables us to negotiate full and fair compensation for a client. In others, only litigation and a court trial can get the results our client deserves. Our attorneys will work tirelessly from start to finish, building a case designed to obtain maximum compensation for you.

Free Consultation With a Lawyer

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