Misdiagnosed Heart Attack or Stroke

Many of the heart attack deaths that happen in the United States each year could be prevented. Quick diagnosis and treatment of a heart attack can often be effective, especially if they occur within an hour of the development of symptoms.

When a doctor misses the signs of a heart attack, he or she misses a critical period of time in which to act effectively. This can be especially devastating for victims and their families when that failure to act is due to medical malpractice.

Missing the Signs of a Heart Attack or Stroke

All too often, doctors miss clear signs of a heart attack or stroke. This often occurs in hospital emergency rooms or trauma centers, where doctors are sometimes overloaded with work. They are trained to make a quick diagnosis but, in doing so, they may make an incorrect diagnosis that results in a wrongful death, costing heart attack or stroke victims their lives.

If a doctor has misdiagnosed or failed to diagnose a heart attack or stroke, you may be able to file a successful heart attack/stroke misdiagnosis lawsuit. The attorney at The Donahey Law Firm can talk to you about your options. Our lawyers offer free initial consultations regarding misdiagnosed heart attacks and strokes. Call our Ohio law offices toll free at 866-918-5886 or contact us online. Initial consultations are free, confidential and at no obligation.

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We continue to pursue this success by preparing each misdiagnosed heart attack or stroke claim as if it were headed for trial. Our Ohio attorneys review medical records, consult with knowledgeable experts and talk to witnesses in your case. This approach helps us pinpoint the medical errors that lead to a life-changing misdiagnosis.