Bedsores and Nursing Home Neglect

Bedsores (also known as pressure sores or decubitus ulcers) are caused when constant pressure to part of the body results in loss of blood flow. When immobile nursing home residents are forced to stay in one position for prolonged periods, painful bedsores can form, which often lead to other health problems.

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Signs of Nursing Home Abuse

To prevent the formation of bedsores, nursing home staff must regularly turn immobile residents in their beds, and keep them from sitting in one position for too long. When they fail to take these precautions, bedsores can form on the hips, buttocks, elbows and other pressure points on the body.

Bedsores are easily preventable, but when formed, can be difficult to treat. A bedsore that is allowed to exacerbate can lead to infection and gangrene. In such a case, amputation is often the only recourse.

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