Overdose of Medications

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In- and out-patient individuals receiving professional medical treatment are usually too sick to fully participate in their care. They need and deserve to rely on healthcare providers to conscientiously avoid medication/drug errors that result in overdose or death.

Medication errors, though, do occur, usually in instances involving:

  • Pharmacists' inability to read a doctor's handwriting
  • Numerical and punctuation errors (for instance, prescribing 10 milligrams of a medication instead of 1.0 milligrams, or providing 100 milligrams instead)
  • Doctors' failure to understand proper medication amounts, medications' effects, patients' drug allergies and patients' medication histories

If you or a loved one has been injured, or have lost a loved one, due to over-medication following a healthcare professional's negligence or error, contact the The Donahey Law Firm. Our firm:

  • Has achieved dozens of $1,000,000+ settlements and jury verdicts, including settlements exceeding $10,000,000
  • Has practiced medical malpractice and personal injury law for over 40 years
  • Serves as a "go-to" firm for other law firms struggling with medical malpractice law questions
  • Works only on a contingency fee basis, meaning you assume no monetary risk when hiring us to handle your case

A Recent Lawsuit Illustrates Our Effectiveness in Handling Medication Error Cases

We resolved a case in which four doctors in succession failed to note that the blood pressure medication prescribed to a pregnant patient was dangerous for fetuses. Following injury to the child we obtained a settlement amount of $2,500,000 million.

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