Accidents With Commercial Trucks/Vehicles

When a Commercial Vehicle Causes an Accident

Not all motor vehicle accidents are handled the same way. When a car accident is caused by a vehicle that is on the road for business purposes, it can impact the way that the claim is handled, and can also involve several different parties. This is true in all commercial vehicle accident cases, including:

  • UPS, FedEx, DHL and other delivery truck accidents
  • Company car accidents
  • Landscaping truck accidents
  • Bread truck accidents
  • Fleet vehicle accidents
  • 18 wheeler and semi-truck accidents
  • Private and public (COTA) bus accidents
  • Taxi accidents
  • Commercial vehicles striking pedestrians or bicyclists

The Donahey Law Firm is a law practice dedicated to helping victims of these accidents obtain compensation and justice for the wrongs done to them. With more than 40 years of experience handling these and other personal injury cases in Columbus and throughout Ohio, our attorneys know how to get results in these challenging cases.

We Will Take on any Insurance Company

In standard car accident cases, we are usually going up against the insurance company that represents the negligent driver. In commercial vehicle accidents, we will not only take on the insurance company that represents the driver, but also the company that employs the driver, as well as the company's insurer.

This is a positive in some ways, because it opens up more channels for us to get appropriate compensation for our clients, compensation for medical bills, pain and suffering, lost wages and other costs caused by the car accident, including the cost of property damage. It also makes the case more challenging, however, because these opponents may fight harder to protect their bottom lines. They will want to avoid paying compensation. This is a challenge that our lawyers are up to. We have recovered tens of millions of dollars for our clients throughout the years; this is proof of our skill and our dedication to seeking justice.

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Our law firm takes all commercial vehicle accident cases on a contingency basis. That means you will only owe a fee if we obtain compensation for you. Other firms may request that clients share in, or cover, costs and expense incurred in pursuing a case, we don't. We will advance all of your legal expenses and costs as we move forward to get results for you.