Car Crash Neck & Back Injuries

Ohio Lawyers Representing Neck and Back Injury Victims

The Donahey Law Firm, in Columbus, Ohio, features a team of experienced attorneys who are dedicated to helping victims of life-changing injuries caused by car accidents. With more than four decades of experience on our side and tens of millions in compensation recovered for our clients along the way, we are confident in our ability to get results for clients suffering from the devastating effects of back or neck injuries.

As we pursue compensation for our clients, we stand by their sides. When you come to our firm you will have an experienced attorney working on your case who will take the time to get to know you. We will find out how your accident has changed your life. With this knowledge, we will move forward to seek fair compensation for what you have endured.

Back Injury Claims

Back injuries can vary dramatically. A serious spinal cord injury, such as a broken back, could result in permanent immobility. There are also countless other injuries that may seem minor in comparison, but they could cause the victim long-term problems. For example, the low back pain caused by a ruptured or herniated disc may take years of treatment from orthopedists, chiropractors and other specialists before it completely heals. From back strains to sprains and beyond, if it was caused in an auto accident, our lawyers can help.

Neck Injury Claims

One of the most common injuries caused by motor vehicle accidents, if not the most common, is whiplash. This can be a difficult injury to treat. It can also lead to challenges in building a case, because it is a soft tissue injury that may be harder to prove than breaks or other similar neck injuries. Soft tissue injuries cannot be detected by X-rays and may not even show up on MRIs or CAT scans. Nevertheless, the pain that these victims feel is completely real. We know how to overcome these challenges in order to get results in any neck pain and injury claim.

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Our law firm takes all neck and back injury cases on a contingency basis. You will only owe a fee if we obtain compensation for you. Other firms may request that clients share in, or cover, costs and expense incurred in pursuing a case, we don't. We will advance all of your legal expenses and costs as we move forward to get results for you.