Rear End & SUV Rollover Collision Injuries

After a Rollover or Rear-End Collision

At the Donahey Law Firm, our lawyers have more than four decades of experience helping accident victims in Columbus and throughout Ohio. We have seen firsthand the pain, stress and confusion that victims have to face after a rear-end collision or a rollover accident. That is why we are here to face it with them. We're here to help them get the justice and compensation they need to move forward with their lives.

Our record of success speaks for itself. We are a firm that has recovered tens of millions of dollars in verdicts and settlements in these and other personal injury cases. We see that our clients get compensation for medical bills, pain and suffering, lost wages and other costs, including the costs of repairing property damage. Before you discuss your case with the insurance company, discuss your case with us. We will see that you get the fair treatment you are entitled to.

Rear-End Collisions

The simple act of paying attention to the road is crucial. When someone fails to do this, whether they are distracted by the radio, engrossed in a cell phone conversation or trying to shoot off a text message, the result is often a rear-end collision. These accidents commonly happen when a negligent driver fails to notice that a car is stopped at a red light in front of them, when traffic suddenly slows due to road construction or, ironically, when gawkers are peering at another accident. Sometimes, the victim suffers whiplash. Other times, the injuries are even more severe. Our attorneys can help.

Rollover Accidents

Sometimes, a car accident is caused by a combination of factors. A distracted driver or a drunk driver may cause a side-impact collision. The victim's SUV may rollover not only because of the collision itself, because of the poor design of the vehicle. Our attorneys keep these factors in mind when we seek compensation for our clients.

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Our law firm takes all rear-end collision cases on a contingency basis. That means you will only owe a fee if we obtain compensation for you. Other firms may request that clients share in, or cover, costs and expense incurred in pursuing a case, we don't. We will advance all of your legal expenses and costs as we move forward to get results for you.