Ohio Motorcycle Accident Lawyers

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Motorcycle accidents often involve catastrophic injuries and property damage for the rider of the motorcycle. In an accident involving a car, motorcycle riders face a greatly increased risk of severe injuries due to the mass of the vehicle and the lack of protection the motorcycle offers. The Donahey Law Firm draws upon its 40 years of personal injury experience to provide motorcycle injury accident victims the ability to build compelling cases, designed to recover adequate financial compensation.

Because other vehicles involved are typically bigger and heavier, they risk greater injuries with long-term consequences. Common misperception of motorcyclists as thrill-seeking law breakers and all motorcycles as 'crotch rockets,' can bias insurance companies and juries when determining fault. Our experienced Columbus, Ohio attorneys understand how to effectively address these issues and others crucial to building and litigating an effective case.

If you are rider or passenger injured in motorcycle accident, we urge you to contact us today. Our injury lawyers are available to assist you with the important issues in motorcycle accident cases involving:

Whether you were caught in the blind spot of a driver changing lanes, or on a scooter in a parking lot, we go to work immediately. We speak to experts in accident investigation to determine the causes and who is liable for your injuries. Our skilled lawyers negotiate with insurance companies on your behalf to see that you receive the full compensation you're entitled for the negligent actions of their clients. We work with specialists in head injury, spinal cord trauma and other injuries to define the extent of injury and treatment and recovery issues. We also consult with financial and life planners to establish any life-long expenses and reduced quality of life such devastating injuries can produce.

Regardless of which Ohio road or highway an accident happens on, The Donahey Law Firm maintains multiple office locations throughout Ohio & Kentucky and a Mobile Office that allows our personal injury lawyers to serve clients across the state.

When you are injured in a motorcycle crash, put our experience and skills to work on your case. Contact us today or call 1-866-918-5886 toll-free for a free initial consultation. We handle cases on a "contingent fee" basis, so you pay no fees until we the recovered compensation you need and deserve.