Ohio Defective Medical Device Lawyers

Has A Dangerous Or Defective Medical Product Injured You?

The need for evolving medical device technology has sparked life-improving innovation, but the high demand has also encouraged some manufacturers to rush products onto the market before they have been sufficiently tested.

These unproven medical devices often lead to serious injuries or death, and the manufacturers issue a medical device recall. Sometimes the recalls rock the entire medical industry, such as the DePuy ASR defective hip implant recall. Other times, manufacturers quietly buy back their unsafe products in a "silent recall," hoping to avoid widespread exposure regarding the unsafe nature of their devices. Regardless of what action manufacturers take, the consequences are the same for Ohio consumers: They have been unfairly harmed by a product they put their faith in.

When an Ohioan is seriously injured or killed by a faulty medical device, the attorneys at The Donahey Law Firm are ready to ensure that justice is done and full compensation delivered to the victim or family. There is a reason we're one of the oldest law firms in central Ohio: Our clients strongly value the service and results we deliver.

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