Damages In Spinal Injury Cases

Nearly all traumatic injuries to the back and neck are serious, especially those that damage the spinal cord. Spinal column injuries can leave a person with lifelong disability and pain. When the injury was sustained because of someone's negligence, the victim needs to hold the wrongdoer financially accountable.

Generally, spinal cord injury victims have only one shot at recovering damages in a lawsuit, so it's important to secure compensation for the total harm suffered - past, present and future. If you undervalue your damages in a suit, you likely have no further remedy if the value of your spinal injury claim later proves to be inadequate.

The amount of compensation for a spinal injury varies from case to case, but damages commonly recovered in an Ohio spinal cord injury lawsuit include:

  • Economic damages:
    • Medical bills
    • Lost income (wages/salary)
    • Cost of rehabilitation, treatment
    • Compensation for household services
  • Noneconomic damages:
    • Pain and suffering
    • Mental anguish and emotional distress
    • Loss of consortium (claim by spouse or family member)

Spinal cord injuries are often life-changing events, causing immediate numbness, weakness, paralysis and intense pain. A spine injury patient's prognosis is almost always uncertain, too. You need a knowledgeable lawyer to ensure that financial responsibility for your accident is shifted to the negligent parties.

Discuss Damages With An Ohio Spinal Injury Lawyer

When a family is confronted with a serious spinal injury, initiating a lawsuit is usually not the top priority. However, it's important to begin the discovery and preservation of evidence as soon as possible after an accident. Further, Ohio has strict time limits for bringing a spinal cord injury claim.

Fortunately, the experienced attorneys at The Donahey Law Firm can handle the legal aspect of your claim, so you and your family can focus on healing and making any important life adjustments. To speak with a lawyer about damages in an Ohio spinal injury lawsuit, email us or call 866-918-5886.