Ohio Attorneys Helping Vertebrae Dislocation Victims

Spinal injuries often involve dislocations of the vertebrae, as well as spinal cord trauma. Vertebrae dislocation describes the displacement of one of the small vertebral bones in the head, neck or back. Below, we've described several vertebrae dislocation injury types often involved in personal injury lawsuits.

  • Subluxation of vertebrae
  • Dislocation of vertebrae
  • Fracture-dislocation of vertebrae

Because vertebrae dislocation injuries often involve breaks and fractures, too, we've created a vertebral fractures page.

Subluxation Of Vertebrae

In subluxation injuries, abnormal movements of the bones weaken the joints in the back of the vertebrae. Often described as a partial dislocation of the vertebrae, a subluxation injury often involves trauma to the muscles, ligaments and spinal cord. Subluxation often results from an unnatural twisting and turning motion of the spine.

Adults and older children can experience subluxation injuries from a variety of things: auto accidents, work accidents and sports injuries. Sadly, infants sometimes experience spinal subluxation at the hands of doctors during childbirth. In a delivery, a physician may put too much pressure on the fragile spine of a baby, whether by hand, forceps or vacuum extraction, and cause a subluxation injury.

Dislocation Of Vertebrae

In dislocation injuries, the ligaments surrounding the vertebrae are torn or stretched, allowing an exaggerated range of motion to occur. The vertebrae may "lock" over one another and a spinal cord injury may result as well.

Vertebral dislocations often result from car accidents or serious falls. The injury typically necessitates surgery or traction. A halo or brace is often used to keep the vertebrae aligned during the healing process.

Fracture-Dislocation Of Vertebrae

Fracture-dislocations are compound injuries in which the vertebrae and/or spinal cord sustain severe trauma. Visit our vertebral fracture page to learn more about spinal fracture injuries.

Consult An Ohio Vertebrae Dislocations Lawyer

If someone's negligence has caused a spinal vertebrae injury to you or a loved one, a skilled attorney can help you examine your legal options. Evolving medical techniques and technology have greatly improved the prognosis for spinal injury victims - even for those with paralysis - but treatment is expensive.

Spinal injury victims need to be compensated for the pain and other noneconomic damages they've suffered as well. Family members may have claims, too, when the victim loses the ability to fully care for him or herself. To learn more, visit our spinal injury damages page.

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