Ohio Attorneys Helping Fractured Vertebrae Victims

Spinal injuries may involve a variety of types of damage to the vertebrae, as well as the spinal cord. These vertebral injuries fall into two general categories: fractures and dislocations. Below, we've summarized some of the vertebrae fracture injuries we commonly see in personal injury lawsuits.

  • Compression fracture of vertebrae
  • Burst fracture of vertebrae
  • Fracture-dislocation of vertebrae

Below, we've briefly discussed each of the fractured vertebrae injury types and described a scenario where each injury may manifest.

Vertebral Compression Fractures

Compression fractures are often sustained in auto crashes. A compression fracture usually involves a hyperflexion injury where a portion of the spinal column is forced forward and downward.

Envision a traffic jam on the Ohio interstate. A careful driver sees the stopped traffic and safely slows down to a stop. Unfortunately, the driver behind her is distracted by a cellphone and doesn't see the traffic jam until it's too late. The negligent driver slams into the back of the careful driver, causing her torso to forcefully whip forward and downward into the steering wheel or air bag. Emergency room doctors tell the victim she has suffered a compression fracture.

Vertebral Burst Fractures

A burst fracture falls into the category of compression fractures, but it's serious enough to have its own description. In this vertebral injury, the impact causes the bone to shatter. The broken vertebrae fragments may even pierce the spinal cord. A burst fracture usually results from downward or upward force along the spine.

Picture a child at a swimming pool. He has been learning how to dive in the deep end of the public pool all summer, but nobody has told him that this particular pool is too shallow for diving. He dives into the 3-foot-deep pool and strikes the bottom of the pool with great force, while his body is still vertical. The boy's mother rushes him to the emergency room, where the physician diagnoses him with a burst fracture.

Vertebral Fracture-Dislocations

Fracture-dislocations occur when the spinal injury involves both a fracture and dislocation of vertebrae. This type of compound injury can result from a car accident or construction accident. To learn more about dislocation injuries, visit our vertebral dislocation page.

Consult An Ohio Vertebrae Fractures Lawyer

Vertebrae fractures present unique challenges in injury lawsuits. It takes a team of experienced lawyers, doctors and valuation experts to ensure that the victim and family are sufficiently compensated for damages in a spinal injury case. Damage valuation is particularly difficult, but crucial, when the victim suffers severe pain, a loss of movement/sensation, or paralysis.

The Donahey Law Firm provides the type of representation you need after suffering a spinal injury. As one of the oldest law firms in central Ohio, we've developed a wealth of expertise in cases involving injuries to the spine. Further, we have the resources - including well-respected doctors - to create a foundation of evidence that juries can understand.

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