Columbus Burn Injury Lawyers

AA burn can result from a wide range of personal injury situations, including a dangerous or defective product, explosion or industrial accident, or a car accident. Regardless of the situation that resulted in a burn, it is important that the person responsible for your devastating burn injury is held responsible for his or her actions, or inaction.

At The Donahey Law Firm in Columbus, Ohio, we are aggressive in our handling of burn injury cases. We understand the physical and psychological tolls that burns can take on an individual and his or her family. Of all catastrophic injuries, burns require some of the most expensive care. Burn injuries often require extensive hospital stays with a team of specialists attending the victim. Even after discharge, reconstruction and rehabilitation costs can be exorbitant. We are dedicated to helping clients pursue compensation for the losses they have suffered due to the burns. Contact our burn injury lawyers today to discuss your case.

When determining the degree of a burn, a number of factors are considered, such as:

  • The age of the victim
  • The size of the burn and percentage of the body affected by the burn
  • Depth of the burn
  • Location of the burn on the body


Scarring in burn injury cases can be extensive. Many plastic surgeries may be required in order to deal with the physical appearance of the scarring. However, the scars from the burn may also cause lifelong pain.

We are not only dedicated to pursuing compensation for the injuries you have suffered and medical bills you have already incurred, but those you may incur in the future. A burn injury may require years of medical treatment. We are committed to helping clients obtain compensation in order to help them live as normal a life as possible.

To learn more about your rights or to schedule a free consultation, please contact us by e-mail or call us anytime, toll free at 1-866-918-5886. An Ohio burn attorney or fire injury lawyer at our office can meet with you to determine the best way in which to pursue a resolution to your case. Our firm handles cases on a "contingent fee" basis, which means we don't get paid until we are successful in recovering financial compensation on your behalf.