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A personal injury lawsuit allows an injured victim to place the financial burden of the harm upon the negligent parties. Injury lawsuits are an important tool in our society because they prevent innocent victims from bearing the financial cost of their injuries while holding the wrongdoers accountable for their negligent actions.

You're probably already aware that personal injury suits can recover damages resulting from car accidents, but there are many other situations where an injury lawsuit may be appropriate. Dog bites/attacks, nursing home injuries, or injuries caused by consumer products - known as product liability suits - are just a few examples. Medical malpractice lawsuits are personal injury claims, too.

Injury Resources By Attorneys: Legal Help In Ohio

Understanding the goal of injury lawsuits is simple: to recover damages. It's much more difficult to understand the lawsuit process and all the remedies that are available. While we can't convey all our legal knowledge to you in a series of web pages, we thought that assembling some informative pages about Ohio personal injury suits might be useful to you.

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Accident-Specific Information

For your convenience, we have created pages containing information about some specific types of accidents.

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