Why You Should Hire An Experienced Personal Injury Attorney

A law school education teaches you how to think like a lawyer, but it doesn't teach you how to practice law. The best attorneys learn how to proficiently help injury victims by tapping into their experience; experience only gained through years of practicing law. An experienced lawyer is generally more prepared, less prone to mistakes and more confident than novice attorneys.

Experience also allows a personal injury lawyer to establish a reputation. A skilled attorney will likely develop a regarded reputation in his or her profession. While a lawyer's reputation may impress prospective clients, perhaps the biggest value of a good reputation comes in settlement negotiations.

A young, inexperienced attorney may be intimidated by the opposition or insurance company and will settle a claim for less to avoid trial. The opposing party may not even attempt such tactics against a personal injury attorney with a strong reputation and, if it does, it will be ineffective.

Lawyers Experienced In Damage Valuation

Even the best trial lawyer on earth isn't worth much if he or she doesn't properly value the victim's claim. Ohio law aims to fully compensate an injury victim for the total suffered harm, but a claim requires skillful and sound valuation because courts do not award damages that are too speculative. Also, an injury victim generally only has one chance to recover damages so an undervalued claim is devastating. To learn more, visit our page about how much a personal injury claim is worth.

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