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Is long term treatment necessary for a spine injury?

If you suffer any type of spinal trauma, it's essential to receive immediate treatment. This will go a long way in stabilizing your situation and giving you the best chance at a full recovery.

However, as you know, a spinal cord injury is one of the most dangerous. This can have an impact on many parts of your body. For this reason, it's possible that you will require treatment well into the future.

Race car drivers pay attention to brain injury risks

Thinking of athletes who are likely to suffer from head injuries, you are probably going to think about football players and other contact sports. Your mind might not automatically think about race car drivers; however, these drivers face some very real risks when they get on the track.

Historically, race car drivers, in particular NASCAR drivers, put their health on the back burner in favor of trying to win every race. Back in the day, drivers had to complete in every race if they were going to receive appearance money that came with being eligible for the championship. The dream of being eligible and the promise of appearance money led some drivers to race even when they knew they shouldn't.

Take these important steps after a car crash

It is extremely scary to be involved in a car crash, especially if you've never been in this position in the past. This holds true even if you are uninjured. With so much going through your mind at this time, it's important that you know which steps to take. This will ensure that you don't make any mistakes that will complicate your situation.

First things first -- never leave the scene of an accident. It's important that you stick around. Not only does this give you the chance to exchange information with other drivers, but you may also be able to converse with police.

Facts about drunk driving crashes in Ohio

Drunk driving crashes in any state can be devastating. One fact sheet published by the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention shows that the rate of deaths from drunk driving crashes in Ohio is slightly higher than the national rate. Ohio's rate is 3.5 people per 100,000 people. The national rate is 3.3.

When it comes to drivers who drive after they drink too much, the Ohio statistics are just as harrowing as the previous statistic we mentioned. In Ohio, 2.2 percent of adults report that they drove after drinking too much within the 30 days prior to the survey. Nationally, only 1.9 percent of adult drivers noted the same thing.

Why is trucker fatigue a big deal?

Fatigue can have a negative impact on a person's mind and body. In some cases, such as when driving a vehicle, this can lead to a serious situation.

When truckers drive fatigued, there is a greater chance of them causing an accident. And not only can this harm them, but it puts every other driver on the road at risk.

Spinal cord injury treatments start right after the injury

The treatments for a spinal cord injury are usually very complex and involve various medical professionals. It might surprise some people to know that the treatments for spinal cord injuries start as soon as the injury occurs. That is because the actions of the injured person and those around them can greatly affect the ultimate outcome of the injury.

After a spinal cord injury occurs — or when a spinal cord injury is even suspected — keeping the spinal cord stable is crucial. This means that the person shouldn't be moved if it is possible for the person to remain safely where they are. When emergency personnel get the to the scene of the accident, they will use a rigid board and collar to keep the spinal cord stabilized during transport to the hospital.

How to drive safely on the highway

Highway driving is not the same as city driving. For this reason, you don't want to treat these as one in the same. When you find yourself on the highway, here are several tips to follow:

-- Don't change lanes often. There will definitely be times when you need to make a lane change, but don't be one of those drivers who is always jumping in and out of traffic.

Semi-truck accident kills motorcycle passenger

Semi-truck drivers have to be extra careful about what is going on around their trucks when they drive. When they aren't completely cognizant, there is a chance that other people will be injured in an accident caused by the semi-truck driver.

A recent accident on US30 highlights the importance of watching out for other motorists along the roadway. The accident occurred when two motorcycles stopped in an emergency turnaround near milpost 12. A semi-truck driven by a driver from Texas drove off of the roadway and slammed into the motorcycles.

How can truckers drive safely in traffic?

Truck drivers often find themselves on the highway, never having to worry about traffic. Of course, this isn't the case all the time. There are situations in which truckers need to go into a city. Along with this, there are times when traffic backs up on the highway.

Truckers can do many things to drive safely in traffic, including but not limited to:

Fatal accident leads to civil lawsuit after criminal acquittal

Car accidents can lead to legal issues for the person who caused the accident. These legal issues can include criminal and civil cases. Each type of case is independent of the other, so facing both types is possible. A recent civil action stemming from an accident that occurred in September 2015 comes on the heels of an acquittal in the criminal case.

The accident occurred when a business owner slammed into a group of bicyclists. The business owner claimed that the glare of the sun prevented him from being able to see the group as he was turning left. He was facing one count of wanton disregard of public safety and two counts of vehicular homicide.

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