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Ohio man killed in pedestrian versus car accident on campus

Motorists who travel around universities and other schools have to be extra vigilant about watching for pedestrians. Failing to do so can lead to an accident that pits a car against a pedestrian. Those types of accidents are often serious. In some cases, the pedestrian might die as a result of the accident. An Ohio car accident near Ohio State University is a stark reminder that drivers must watch for pedestrians, even when there isn't a crosswalk in the area.

The accident happened in an area of the University District that doesn't have traffic signals or crosswalk. A 24-year-old man tried to cross Summit Street shortly after midnight. He was in between two intersections for 18th Avenue when he was struck by a car heading southbound.

Was Joan Rivers' death caused by an unauthorized biopsy?

The New York State Health Department and New York City Medical Examiners Office are each conducting separate investigations into the death of beloved celebrity Joan Rivers.

The formal inquiries are heavily focused on two issues: Whether Rivers' physician conducted a biopsy without her consent and what anesthesia was administered to her. Since it is a high profile case and authorities generally refrain from discussing details of their investigation, there are a lot of rumors and it's hard to decode what's fact and fiction.

One of the rumors concerns whether Propofol - the same drug involved with Michael Jackson's death - was administered to Rivers. The anesthesia drugs involved and their dosage will be some of the most coveted details of the investigation.

Ohio birth injuries need firm representation

Childbirth should be a positive experience for mothers, but there are some instances in which the birth turns into something that is straight out of a nightmare. Problems during labor and delivery can lead to problems with the baby, such as cerebral palsy and cerebral hypoxia. Ohio parents who have a baby born with either of these conditions might decide to seek compensation for the injuries of their child. We understand how difficult it can be to take that step.

When you are trying to care for a child that has mild to severe health complications caused by cerebral palsy or cerebral hypoxia, finding the time to learn the laws governing medical malpractice and the negligence that allegedly caused these birth injuries might not be possible. Instead, allow us to deal with the legal aspects of the injury while you focus on giving your child the best life possible.

Issues that lead to Ohio car accidents

Despite the best efforts of police, Ohio car accidents occur on a regular basis. This holds true throughout the entire state, including on highways and city roads. While there are many reasons for car accidents, the National Safety Council has pinpointed six of the most common causes:

-- Distracted driving: This includes a number of things, such as texting and talking on a cellphone.

Nationwide Children's Hospital lawsuit raises sensitive issues

Last year, a concerned mother took her 3-month-old son to the doctor after he appeared to be ill. He was prescribed antibiotics but his health did not improve. His mother took him back to the doctor after noticing that his leg seemed to be sore.

The physician's office referred her to Nationwide Children's in Columbus for further testing. Doctors at Nationwide discovered that the baby's thigh was fractured and were understandably concerned that child abuse was involved. However, the boy's mother said that hospital staff took the investigation too far, ordering full-body X-rays and head scans for the 3-month-old and his 2-year-old brother.

The parents filed a lawsuit against Nationwide Children's Hospital because they believe the hospital's actions were inappropriate. While they initial abuse inquiry is understandable, they believe the X-ray radiation exposure and investigation by Franklin County Children Services were excessive and harmful.

Cancer statistics show why doctors should not ignore moles

The presence of skin moles may creates more than a fourfold increase in your chance of developing melanoma, according to a new Australian study.

While the news is harrowing to many, it may be a crucial discovery for the prevention and diagnosis of skin cancer.

According to a cancer study from the University of Melbourne, patients with moles are 4.6 times more likely to develop skin cancer. Previous research indicated that moles on the skin only doubled the risk of cancer.

Your takeaway: Do not let your physician downplay the presence of moles. If you have moles do not panic, but understand you are at high risk of skin cancer. Your doctor should understand your heightened risk to help avoid a misdiagnosis.

What are common causes of Ohio truck accidents?

There reasons for truck accidents in Ohio are varied. Some may be unavoidable due to inclement weather conditions that cause dangerous road conditions. In some cases, passenger vehicle drivers are to blame. In others, it is the driver of the truck who should be blamed for the accident and subsequent injuries and damage.

Truck drivers are skilled at what they do, knowing that it can often be a challenge to navigate congested highways in such large vehicles. However, there are times when a driver makes a mistake or acts negligently. When this happens, an accident resulting in disabling injuries or even death can occur.

Pedestrian killed in Columbus, driver caught 1 mile from accident

While the weather is getting a little cooler in the Columbus area as fall approaches, it is still vitally important for all drivers to keep a watchful eye out for pedestrians. The simple act of watching out for people who are walking can save a life. Sadly, some drivers do hit pedestrians. In a recent pedestrian-car accident, the pedestrian died.

The accident happened when a woman who was driving an SUV had a head-on collision with a pickup truck. Her SUV careened off the road and struck the pedestrian. The man was walking on the sidewalk or in a driveway, but it isn't believed that he was in the roadway.

Are Ohio car accidents related to distracted driving?

No matter where you live or how much you drive, it is safe to assume that you have seen somebody behind the wheel who is distracted. While many people get away with distracted driving time and time again, others cause an accident as a result of this activity.

There are many causes of Ohio car accidents, ranging from distracted driving to negligence, such as running a stop sign, speeding or driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol. If you look at the bigger picture, it is easy to see that distracted driving has become a major problem throughout the United States.

Ohio brain injuries have special considerations

Getting hurt in a car accident often leads to injuries that can seriously affect your life. When the injury suffered in the accident is a traumatic brain injury, almost every aspect of life can be affected. Knowing how brain injuries can affect a loved one might help as you go through the healing process after a horrible accident.

Traumatic brain injuries can lead to problems that include a decline in cognitive abilities, physical abilities and communication abilities. The cognitive decline can mean the person who was injured has difficulty remembering even the most basic of tasks. Physical ability decline can mean having to learn to walk, losing hearing abilities or losing coordination skills. The decline in communication might mean not being able to focus on a conversation or not being able to articulate thoughts. This is only a short list of the plethora of effects of a traumatic brain injury.

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