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Neck sprains can occur in Ohio car accidents

A car accident is a pain in the neck -- in more ways than one. Neck sprains are a common type of injury that is associated with a motor vehicle accident. Neck sprains can be very painful, and they can be costly to treat. Our readers in Ohio might be interested in learning about neck sprains.

There are a variety of symptoms that a person who has a neck sprain might notice. The most obvious of these is pain in your neck. The pain you feel might not be that noticeable immediately after the accident, but it might become more noticeable the day after the accident.

Need back surgery? Make sure your surgeon is experienced, proven

Back problems are common in the U.S., where more than 600,000 patients have back surgery each year. Many of these patients have unsatisfactory results from the operation and a small, but significant, number of patients will suffer serious injuries from a surgical mistake.

One of these victims, a 75-year-old man, recently won his medical malpractice lawsuit after surgery left him completely paralyzed in his quadriceps. He successfully proved that his surgeon inserted a surgical screw into the wrong location in his spinal canal. A second, corrective operation was unsuccessful in alleviating his paralysis.

The victim recovered $725,000, but money cannot bring back his mobility and independence.

The sad story reminds us that not all surgeons are equal. All surgeries, even minor outpatient operations, come with risks. While the potential risk can never be completely eliminated, it helps to have an experienced surgical team with an excellent reputation.

How can riders stay safer in Ohio motorcycle accidents?

Motorcycle accidents happen for many reasons, both in Ohio as well as other states in the country. As a motorcyclist, you need to be aware of the common causes of accidents, as well as how serious this can be.

According to statistics from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, motorcycle deaths doubled between the years of 1999 and 2008. During the time period of 2001 to 2008, more than 1.2 million people were treated at the hospital for non-fatal motorcycle accident injuries. Additionally, 34,000 people were killed.

Alcohol a factor in crash, Ohio grandfather and grandchild killed

With the school season in full swing, families are spending more time together on the weekends. This means that they might take to the roadways to travel from one activity to another. Because of that, it is vital that all drivers stay aware at all times to lessen the likelihood of an accident occurring. Sadly, accidents do still happen. A recent accident in Mad River Township, Ohio, left a 6th grade student dead.

The fatal accident happened when a 2004 Ford Explorer slammed into the back of a 1999 Ford Taurus. That rear-end crash left a grandfather and his granddaughter both dead. The grandmother and a younger granddaughter survived the accident. The 10-year-old girl was airlifted to Dayton Children's. The grandmother, who was driving the Taurus, was taken to a hospital and later released.

Death of 28-year-old hockey pro shows full impact of head injuries

Derek Boogaard was regarded as one of the best 'enforcers' in the NHL. An enforcer is a hockey player who isn't on the ice to score goals or make assists, but to willingly drop his gloves and fight the opposition.

Sadly, Boogard accidentally overdosed on painkillers and alcohol in 2011, at the young age of 28. It isn't a simple story about a young celebrity who was overwhelmed with addiction, however. Boogard's surviving family donated his brain for scientific study and it revealed that he young man was already suffering from chronic traumatic encephalopathy.

U.S. Ebola death may have involved hospital negligence

On Wednesday, a man in Dallas died from Ebola. In the days before his death the victim told hospital staff he recently visited West Africa, but it appears they erred by not sufficiently considering the Ebola virus as the cause of his symptoms.

The man was sent home from the hospital before he returned several days later with worsened symptoms.

Sadly, the man's family faces an extremely tough challenge if they want to bring a medical malpractice lawsuit against the hospital. Texas has some of the most hospital-friendly malpractice laws in the country.

Are Ohio motorcycle accidents and others increasing?

Ohio motorcycle accidents remain a big problem, despite the fact that drivers of all vehicles are aware that they should be obeying the law and sharing the road.

No matter if you are riding your motorcycle in Ohio or another part of the country, you know that there are steps you can take to avoid trouble. This includes making yourself visible at all times and wearing as much protective gear as possible.

Should Ohio parents be worried about high school football safety?

In Ohio, the decision on whether to allow your child to play high school football used to be much easier.

In years past, everybody knew football was a high-impact sport, inseparable from the cuts, bruises and occasional broken bones that occur during play. But very little was known about the long-term damage that youth football can cause a young person to suffer, especially brain injuries.

With current knowledge, many Ohio parents are forced to weigh the benefits of football against the known risks. It seems that most families decide to allow their child to play, for good reason.

Football is excellent exercise and emphasizes teamwork. It helps children learn that the sum of a team is greater than its individual players. Further, exceptional student-athletes may even be rewarded with a college scholarship. However, the risks are real.

Serious respiratory complications caused by spinal cord injuries

As we touched on last week, spinal cord injuries are one of the types of injuries that might occur in car accidents. These types of injuries can be very severe. In some cases, such as when the cervical spine is injured, there is a chance that the injured person will suffer from respiratory complications. Ohio readers might be interested in learning about these respiratory complications.

Any spinal cord injury can cause respiratory issues; however, cervical spine injuries are most likely to cause respiratory complications. The cervical spine is the area of the spine that starts at the base of the skull and goes to around the shoulder area.

Spinal cord injuries can have serious consequences

There are many types of accidents that can lead to a spinal cord injury. These include but are not limited to motor vehicle accidents, plane crashes, slip and falls and hospital errors.

Many people think about spinal cord injuries in the same way as they do a back injury. However, it is important to realize that these are not always one in the same. For example, a person could potentially break a vertebrae in his or her back, yet suffer no damage to the spinal cord.

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