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Can drowsy driving cause Ohio car accidents?

When you get behind the wheel of an automobile, you need to be completely alert at all times. It only takes one mistake to cause an accident. It only takes one second to doze off and put yourself, as well as others, at risk.

There is no denying the fact that drowsy driving can cause a motor vehicle accident. Many people associate this with truckers, but anybody who is operating a vehicle could be drowsy to the point of increasing the chance of causing an accident.

Ohio motorcycle accidents can injure various parts of the body

Thoughts of head injuries are likely to come up when someone hears about a motorcycle accident. Some of our Ohio readers might be shocked to learn that head injuries aren't the most common injuries in non-fatal motorcycle accidents. Approximately 30 percent of non-fatal motorcycle accident result in an injury to the lower limbs. Head and neck injuries, which account for around 22 percent of non-fatal motorcycle injuries, rank second. That is followed by chest, shoulder, and back injuries, arm and hand injuries, and hip and pelvis injuries.

While the number of lower limb injuries is greater than neck and head injuries, it is important to note that the injuries to the neck and head are often more serious. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention offers a ranking of the most dangerous locations for injuries in a motorcycle accident. These are (in order of most dangerous to least dangerous):

How a new tool helps rehabilitate stroke victims

A stroke victimizes an American every 40 seconds. For many, a stroke will cause patients to lose abilities and independence. Rehabilitation can make a big difference, but it involves repetitive, arduous tasks proving difficult for patients to stick with. A new stroke rehabilitation instrument aims to help address this problem.

The MusicGlove incorporates music into rehabilitation for fine motor skills lost to a stroke. The glove is worn by the patient, who grabs and pinches notes appearing on the screen of a tablet. The MusicGlove helps provide motivation to the patient, while stimulating his or her visual and auditory senses, too.

Trucker runs stop sign in Ohio, kills another driver

Semi-truck drivers have to take the size and length of their trailer into account when they drive. When you consider those factors, it is easy to see why driving in a safe manner is vitally important. Semi-truck drivers sometimes do things that can have a profound impact on the safety of others. A recent accident out of Jackson County, Ohio, shows how one seemingly small traffic violation by a trucker can cause serious accidents.

The trucker was traveling on Township Road 35 and US Route 35 when he didn't stop at a stop sign that was in his path. Instead, he crossed into the path of an oncoming truck. The 21-year-old driver of that oncoming truck was killed when he struck the trailer of the tractor-trailer and crashed into the median of the road.

How does a helmet help in an Ohio motorcycle accident?

When you jump on a motorcycle, you know there is nothing between you and the road (or other vehicles) but your clothes. For this reason, it is important to wear as much protective gear as possible. This starts with a helmet.

It is easy to believe that a motorcycle helmet will offer no benefits in the event of an accident. However, this is not true. It can protect your head and brain from serious injury, such as a skull fracture, which could be the difference between life and death.

Facts regarding spinal cord injuries

There are many types of spinal cord injuries, all of which should be taken seriously and treated in the appropriate manner. Even if you are in perfect health, it is essential that you understand how your body works. This will give you a better idea of just how important the health of your spinal cord truly is.

Like many, you may be unsure of what the spinal cord does, how an injury impacts the body and the many types of treatment. Below are several facts shared by MedicineNet:

What should Ohio residents know about rollover accidents?

Rollover accidents are serious accidents that are often associated with high-profile vehicles traveling at a high rate of speed. While these accidents are fairly uncommon, they can often lead to serious injuries and property damage. Our Ohio readers might be interested in learning more about these unusual, but not unheard of, accidents.

Are rollovers usually single-car accidents?

How can you help during Brain Injury Awareness Month?

March is Brain Injury Awareness Month, an important campaign as approximately 2 million Americans suffer a traumatic brain injury (TBI) each year. Many of those victims go on to recover and live without severe complications, but some do not.

Brain Injury Awareness Month is dedicated to preventing, recognizing and treating traumatic brain injury. Here is what you can do to help:

  • Understand what TBI is, including signs and symptoms.
  • Share your knowledge and raise concerns when someone you know may have suffered a brain injury.
  • If you or someone you know is suffering or needs more info, reach out to an organization for help with TBI.
  • Consider volunteering time or donating money to nonprofits that research TBI and assist those struggling with the condition.

Ohio brain injuries: What is the long term impact?

As one of our Ohio readers, you probably stay current with the news from your local area. If you watch closely enough, you know that many people are injured every year in a variety of accidents. In some cases, a brain injury is the end result.

While some brain injuries do not have a lasting impact, this is not always the case. There are times when a brain injury has a long-term effect on the person, causing him or her trouble for an extended period of time.

Ohio Senate Bill 91 introduces Yellow Dot Program for drivers

Have you ever stopped to think about what would happen if you were in an accident and unable to relay your medical history or medication schedule to the paramedics and medical professionals who treat you? If you answered "no," you aren't alone. Many people don't think about how medical professionals need access to medical information for patients after accidents. Of course, some people wear medical alert bracelets that can contain basic information, but not everyone does.

Senate Bill 91 is aimed at making it easy for motorists to let emergency medical professionals know about their medical history. If passed, this bill would implement a program in which drivers could place a yellow sticker on the rear window of their car. This alerts EMTs and emergency responders to look in the glove box of the vehicle for basic medical information and medical contact information.

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