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Truckers can do these things to avoid distracted driving

Anybody who gets behind the wheel of a vehicle should understand the importance of remaining focused on the task at hand at all times.

Most truck drivers understand that there are distractions that can get in their way. They also understand how important it is to avoid these at all costs.

Gordon Evans Feature

"By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail."

gordon evans.jpgThe aforementioned quote by Benjamin Franklin is a saying that Gordon Evans of The Donahey Law Firm takes to heart. In legal field or on the football field, preparation separates the good from the great. As a former athlete, Mr. Evans finds a strong connection between the competitiveness and preparation in sports and law.

Evans was a 4-year starter at middle linebacker for Kentucky Wesleyan College in Owensboro, Ky., and then went on to Capital University for law school. Following his football career, Evans took up the sport of boxing and competed nationally at amateur tournaments. He won his first national tournament in 2010 at The Ringside Tournament in Kansas City, which is the largest amateur boxing tournament in the country. Evans said that his time as an athlete really inspired him to take his competitive spirit to the courtroom. 

Childhood spinal cord injuries have far reaching effects

Children who suffer from an acute spinal cord injury will have a lifetime of problems to cope with. Not only are these children likely to be disabled, they are likely to have considerable medical interventions necessary just to get out of the hospital.

Parents of these children are likely going to have to provide around-the-clock medical care for the child. The need for this care might not end when the child becomes an adult.

Do you know how to drive safely in the snow?

During the cold winter months, Ohio residents know that snow can enter the area at any point in time. While this can be beautiful to look at, it's anything but that if you find yourself on the road.

Fortunately, there are some steps you can take to ensure your safety even if the snow begins to pick up.

Sensors being studied by Navy could help brain injury research

New technology is one of the most exciting things for people who are suffering from a brain injury. This technology is also important for the medical professionals who are going to diagnose and treat people who have suffered these injuries. The United States Navy is currently studying a system dubbed BLAST, short for Blast Load Assessment Sense and Test, to study how blasts affect the brain at various levels of shock.

The BLAST device is comprised of sensors that are placed in body armor or helmets. The sensors collect data about the environment. This data is accessed by medical personnel and can help them to to learn more about the factors that impacted the brain injury.

Spinal cord injuries might be negatively impacted by morphine

One of the primary concerns of a person who has suffered a spinal cord injury is to get their pain under control. The desire to do this might be something that is addressed with the doctors who are caring for the patient. A recent study from the Texas A & M College of Medicine found that doctors giving a patient morphine too soon after a spinal cord injury could do more harm than good.

The study found that the method of administration didn't have any impact on the effect of the drug on the injury. The issue at hand seems to be how morphine impacts the recovery of locomotive function.

Do you need treatment for a concussion?

If you've been involved in an accident in which you hit your head, such as a car crash, it's important to realize that you could have suffered a concussion. This is not the most severe brain injury, but it can definitely impact your life in a number of ways.

Here's the problem with a concussion: Many people don't understand if they should seek medical attention. Instead, they assume nothing is wrong and that they will be able to recover on their own.

Study gives peek into fatal high school football brain injuries

Traumatic brain injuries are difficult to overcome. Regardless of the cause, children who suffer from traumatic brain injuries can often have lifelong effects. In some cases, these children will die because of the injury. One recent study found that brain injuries that led to deaths in high school students playing football is on the rise.

It has long been known that hits to the head can lead to traumatic brain injuries, such as concussions. In serious cases, these hits can lead to death. Brain injuries and spinal cord injuries have led to two dozen high school football player deaths in recent years.

Understand how whiplash settlements might occur

Watching some movies and television shows can provide you with some unrealistic ideas. One of these has to do with whiplash after an accident. The movies and television shows can make whiplash seem like almost a joke after an accident. The fact is that whiplash isn't a joke at all. This is a very serious condition that can lead to long-term medical care needs that include medication, therapy and other treatments. In severe cases, it can even mean having to take time off of work.

For a person who is dealing with whiplash, it is necessary to get the medical care necessary to diagnose and treat the condition. A person who is going to seek compensation for the injury can use the records from this medical care as a part of his or her case to show that the whiplash was a result of the accident.

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