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What are common complications of spinal cord injuries?

A spinal cord injury can be serious on many fronts, including the physical changes it will cause. Immediately following this type of injury, it is common for the person to have a difficult time, both physically and emotionally. It is important to become familiar with the most common complications associated with spinal cord injuries, as this makes it easier to deal with anything that comes up down the road.

Some of the most common complications include:

Ohio brain injuries: Initial treatment

The thought of suffering a traumatic brain injury is enough to get most people upset. Fortunately, treatment of such injuries has come a long way over the years. For this reason, even the most serious injuries can be treated, to a certain degree, to help the patient reclaim as much of his or her former life as possible.

Initial treatment of a brain injury is critical, as this will have a lot to do with how the person lives in the future.

Deadly overpass collapse kills 1 on Interstate 75 in Ohio

When you are driving on the roadways, you expect that the overpasses and bridges you come across are safe. You likely don't think twice before you drive under or over one of those structures. That seemingly normal and safe event can easily turn deadly if there is something amiss with the structure. An accident in Cincinnati, Ohio, showed just how horrible an issue with this type of structure can be.

The accident occurred along the southbound side of Interstate 75. The overpass that is on the north side of the old Hopple Street bridge collapsed. Sadly, one person was killed and another was injured in the collapse. The injured person was a semi-truck driver. The person who was killed was a construction worker.

What are the lasting emotional effects of Ohio car accidents?

Being involved in a car accident is a traumatic experience for anyone. While some people might think that the effects of the car accident end as soon as the physical injuries heal, that isn't always the case. Some people might experience post-traumatic stress disorder as a result of the car accident. Our Ohio readers might find this information fascinating.

What is post-traumatic stress disorder?

Are Ohio car accidents and drowsy driving related?

Every year, there are motor vehicle accidents in Ohio that lead to serious injury or death. Some of these can be avoided by being a more responsible driver.

Drowsy driving is one of the most common reasons for a motor vehicle accident. When a person is tired and behind the wheel, there is a better chance that he or she could cause an accident, which may include at least one other vehicle.

Immediate treatment for spinal cord injuries

When a person suffers a spinal cord injury, such as in a motor vehicle accident, it is critical that the effects be minimized. For this reason, treatment of the injury will often begin at the accident scene by emergency responders.

Once a person arrives at the emergency room, medical professionals take over the treatment of this injury, as well as any others. During this time, it is common for doctors to focus on the following:

Ohio car crash that killed intern claims life of engineer

When drivers are in areas frequented by pedestrians, they must be extra careful to avoid hitting those pedestrians. If the driver has other people in the vehicle, this means avoiding becoming distracted by those people.

In a recent accident, the driver of pickup truck claims to have been distracted by a passenger who he claims was hitting him while he was driving. Her family says that isn't what happened. Regardless of what was going on in the truck, the fact remains that the man's speeding and weaving ended up causing a fatal accident.

Eye-tracking to diagnose brain injuries, concussions

The neurological community is abuzz after a relatively simple test successfully detected brain injuries in patients. The test scans patients' eye movements while they watch a four-minute music video.

In patients without brain injuries, the horizontal and vertical eye movements are 50/50. In patients with brain trauma, the ratio is imbalanced. The eye-tracking test is portable and relatively inexpensive so it will likely soon appear on battlefields and on the sidelines of athletic events, in addition to ambulances, ERs and medical clinics.

Put safety first despite the partial helmet laws in Ohio

The fairly mild winter thus far hasn't made the roads unfavorable for motorcycle riders. With that in mind, now is the perfect time for a little reminder about safety for our valued Ohio motorcycle riders. One of the most important things bikers can do is to ride with an appropriate helmet on. These helmets can help to prevent traumatic brain injuries in some accidents.

When motorcycle riders get into an accident, they are often thrown from the bike. They can hit the pavement, the other vehicle, the bike or a host of other items that are at the scene. That can mean devastating injuries. Not only are these injuries life-altering, they can also cause financial devastation.

What are the long term symptoms of brain injury?

Since no two people are the same, there is no way of saying how a brain injury will impact a person in the short and long term. That said, many years of study have proven that brain injury can have long lasting impacts that can be a challenge for the person to deal with.

Before we get into some of the exact symptoms of traumatic brain injury, here is a passage from the Ohio Valley Center for Brain Injury Prevention and Rehabilitation that explains the potential severity:

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