13 injured in Ohio truck accident after semi-truck runs red light

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Watching for traffic signals when you are driving is vital to ensure that you and everyone else on the road stay safe. This is especially important for drivers who are operating large vehicles because vehicles like semi-trucks can cause serious damage and injuries if they are involved in an accident. A recent accident in Newton Falls, Ohio, injured 13 people, but a lieutenant with the Ohio State Highway Patrol says it is fortunate that the Ohio truck accident wasn’t worse.

The accident happened when a semi-truck carrying a load of 44,000 pounds of plastic pellets ran through a red light. The driver acknowledges that he drove through the red light, but says he realized it was red too late to stop because he was already entering the intersection.

When he went through the red light, he hit two vehicles. One of the vehicles was a van with 10 National Guard members inside who were going to Camp Ravenna. The other vehicle was a car with two occupants. The impact of the crash cause the van to flip on its side and roll once.

The National Guard members and the car occupants were all taken to the hospital. The Guardsmen were said to have suffered from serious but non-life threatening injuries. The car occupants are said to have suffered non-life threatening injuries as well.

While the truck accident is still being investigated, charges are pending in the case. At this time, drugs and alcohol aren’t considered factors in the accident.

The people who were injured in this accident might have to miss work, and they might have to deal with medical bills. They have the right to seek compensation for damages related to this accident, which may help them to cope with the financial impact of this accident.

Source: WKBN, “10 National Guard members identified from weekend crash” No author given, Jun. 01, 2014


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