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13 students and 2 drivers injured in bus-car collision


A school bus carrying 41 students from a middle school was recently hit in the left front area by a Pontiac Gram Am. Thirteen of the students suffered injuries classified as minor but which were serious enough to require them to be rushed to a nearby hospital. Also injured was the bus driver and the 51-year-old male driver of the car. Investigators attributed at least some of the fault for the accident to the bus driver’s refusal to yield the right of way at a stop sign.


As is true in many Ohio car accidents, criminal charges may soon be pending according to authorities. Bus services are contracted for by the school district with First Student Inc, a company headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio.

In accidents in which the responsible driver is on a job for an employer, often the employer as well as the driver can be defendants in any personal injury or wrongful death lawsuit. The employee has to be acting within the scope of his or her employment.

Many such vehicle accidents are caused by speeding, abuse of drugs or alcohol (or both), fatigued drivers or distracted drivers who engage in activities such as texting or talking on cellphones. Such reckless conduct is eventually bound to lead to tragedy. Lawsuits against such motorists can not only provide some measure of compensation to the victims and their families, but also send a powerful message to reckless drivers and their employers that such behavior is not acceptable. Victims and their families may seek compensation for such claims as pain and suffering, permanent or temporary disability, medical expenses and other damages.

Source:, “Police: charges pending in accident involving school bus” Mollie Bryant, Nov. 22, 2013

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