19-year-old killed by truck that crashed into restaurant

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A pickup truck hauling a trailer crashed through the wall of an Arby’s restaurant in Chillicothe, Ohio, on the afternoon of Dec. 19. According to witnesses, a 19-year-old man was standing near the condiment counter with a minor child when the accident occurred. The 19-year-old was killed. It was originally thought that the man was standing in line to place his order when the truck struck him.

The pickup was driven by a 56-year-old man. While the child suffered a minor injury, he was taken to Berger Hospital by his parents. The truck was almost all of the way inside the lobby of the restaurant, and the trailer was across the sidewalk. The truck appeared to have gone through a couple of booths to the soft drink dispenser. That is located around the corner from the front serving counter.

The parking lot of the restaurant was strung with caution tape as accident reconstructionists with the Ohio Highway Patrol tried to determine what happened. They are looking at whether the driver of the truck suffered from some sort of medical condition that caused him to lose control. In addition, the OHP is trying to determine how fast the truck was going. It could take some time before any conclusions are reached.

Right now, there are no charges pending against the driver, but that could change depending on the results of the investigation. When an accident occurs and a life is lost as a result, the family of the individual who passed away may want to seek compensation. Understanding the process for doing so is the first step.

Source: Chillicothe Gazette, “Teen killed when truck hits Arby's,” Chris Balusik, Dec. 19, 2015


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