Daily Archives: April 30, 2011

Stillbirth rate still stubbornly high

A new report indicates that there still more than two million stillbirth each year worldwide. The numbers are not precise due to the difficulty of collecting accurate data in many parts of the developing world where the majority of stillbirths still occur. But even looking only at the rates of

New therapy may reduce premature birthrate

A recent study showed very promising results in reducing the number of premature births among women in high risk groups. The treatment involved a daily administration of a hormone gel. The study showed that the number of premature birth dropped by nearly half among those receiving the treatment. It seems

Fetal laser surgery saves twins

At week 20, one family was faced with startling information about the twins that the mother was carrying. The twins suffered from what is known as ‘Twin-to-twin transfusion Syndrome.’ This is a pregnancy complication that creates a high risk of losing both babies if action is not taken. Traditionally parents


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