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Technology making strides in Cerebral Palsy treatment

Every year in the United States nearly 10,000 infants are born with cerebral palsy. As you may know the title cerebral palsy is used to describe a variety of conditions that create physical disabilities generally caused by damage to the motor control centers of the brain during childbirth or pregnancy.

Study suggests link between birth injury and autism

Medical research continues to search for the underlying cause or causes of autism. While prior examination had focused largely on potential genetic factor, a new study points to correlations between autism and various birth injuries and other types of perinatal and fetal distress. The study found that while there was

Rate of c-sections at all time high

Earlier this week in this space we shared a story of a mother who died as a result of an error during a c-section operation and the apparent failure of the hospital and medical staff to properly diagnose the symptoms of the injury in her follow up care. This is

New technology for monitoring fetal oxygen levels

During the birthing process, a lack of oxygen to the baby can cause serious brain injuries or fatalities. It is important that doctors gather as much information as possible about the oxygen levels in the infant’s blood if there is any indication that the baby is not receiving sufficient oxygen.

Family says vacuum procedure caused birth injury

The family of an eleven-year-old boy has filed a medical malpractice lawsuit against the hospital and doctors involved in his birth. The boy continues to suffer from seizures, developmental delays and chronic headaches. The family claims that the boy’s medical problems were caused by the unnecessary and negligent use of

Family says c-section error led to mother’s death

The family of a 31-year-old woman who died shortly after giving birth asserts that a negligent doctor caused the injuries which caused the death of the mother. According to the family the doctor severed her bowel while performing a c-section and then the doctor and the rest of the medical

Court allows wrongful birth case to proceed

Many potential birth defects and serious genetic disorders can now be diagnosed relatively soon after conception. In the case of some genetic problems tests may even reveal a serious potential risk simply by testing the potential parents before a pregnancy has even begun. Knowledge of these serious medical issues allows

Birthing simulators provide medical staff valuable experience

Fortunately, most births proceed without serious complications. But because of the wide variety of potential birthing complications and medical circumstances that may be involved, when an unusual situation occurs it may the one of the first times that the medical staff has ever encountered that specific scenario. Without having had


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