Daily Archives: July 31, 2011

Newborn’s death blamed on vacuum extraction procedure

Labor and childbirth contain many risks for both the mother and the newborn infant. Doctors are trained to help mitigate these risks to the greatest degree possible. They have an ever expanding wealth of tools and techniques designed to ensure a healthy result. Unfortunately, when these techniques are misused or

Delayed C-section results in reprimand for obstetrician

When a doctor realizes that a fetus in distress during childbirth, time is of the essence. Depriving oxygen to the brain during this crucial period can result in catastrophic consequences. In many cases these consequences can be avoided by performing a c-section in a timely manner. A state medical board

The dangers of inducing labor too early

As we have discussed in earlier posts, there is a growing trend toward deliberately delivering infants before they are full term. Now, the March of Dimes has instituted a new campaign to help educate doctors and mothers about the risks of inducing labor prior to 39 weeks. The campaign, known


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