Day: January 31, 2013

Another Study Agrees That Smoking Bans Reduce Premature Births

One of the most comprehensive studies to date backed up previous conclusions that smoke-free laws help reduce the rate ...

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Birth-Control Defects and "Wrongful Birth" Lawsuits

For most families, the arrival of a child should be a joyful occasion. However, in some situations, an unexpected newbo...

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Episiotomies: An Often Unnecessary Incision Can Have Consequences

When it comes to childbirth, the wrong procedure at the wrong time can have a dangerous and long-lasting impact on Ohio...

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Family Sues After Postpartum Negligence Claimed Mother’s Life

A doctor's work is not finished when a new baby arrives. As a tragic new lawsuit demonstrates, safe care requires docto...

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Global Study: Air Pollution Exposure Linked To Smaller Birth Size

Based on an analysis of more than 3 million births from around the world, researchers announced that more exposure to a...

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Hospital Injuries: Hand Sanitizer Ignites 11-Yr-Old Patient

It will come as no surprise to our readers that hospital negligence can injure patients in unexpected but serious ways....

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Malpractice and Radiology: Most Cases Involve Diagnostic Problems

Many Americans associate medical malpractice with surgical mistakes like wrong-site procedures. However, malpractice-re...

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New Rules Require Sports Opportunities For Disabled Students

A devastating birth injury like cerebral palsy can affect a child's development in countless ways. One big consequence ...

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New Technology Could Help Guide Brachial Plexus Surgeries, Pt. 1

A team of researchers from the University of Delaware is adapting a suite of motion analysis technology systems to help...

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