Daily Archives: July 31, 2013

Wrongful death suit reopened for third trial

Those in Franklin might be interested in this wrongful death case that is being reopened by order of a judge. The State District Judge ordered a third trial involving the Christus St. Vincent Regional Medical Center after cautioning the hospital’s lawyer’s actions in the previous trial. According to the report,

Two women dead after attempted liposuction surgeries

Franklin, Ohio, residents might be interested in this news report of a lawsuit against Opulence Aesthetic Medicine and its parent company, CLJ Healthcare LLC, for the wrongful death of a 37-year-old woman in February, followed by a second in June. The case focuses on the 37-year-old woman, as it was

Two accidents, one fatal, at same intersection

Two Ohio car accidents took place recently near the same intersection in Columbus. In the first accident in December, the car plunge into a nearby pond, and the driver died from drowning. In the second accident, a similar submersion of the vehicle in the pond occurred, but luckily, the driver

Truck crash kills girl, hospitalizes five

An 18-year-old girl was recently killed in a truck crash occurring near the Ohio – West Virginia border. The accident also caused injuries resulting in the hospitalization of five other persons, including two victims listed in critical condition. Five other persons riding in the cab of the truck suffered less

State highway worker hit by truck

A 19-year-old man who just graduated from high school was recently hit by a 2008 Dodge flatbed tow truck as he worked for the Ohio Department of Transportation in a construction area locate on state Route 534. Like many other Ohio truck accidents, distracted driving was involved. Investigators said the

Railroad crossing where 4 died being modified

In Columbia Station, Ohio, a railroad crossing where four high school students died in a car accident is the scene of a $450,000 modification project to reduce the slope going towards the steep crossing. It is hoped the modifications will prevent future accidents. The four who died all attended Brunswick

Ohio University settles in medical malpractice suit

Misdiagnoses can be serious enough to cause death or severe impairment to individuals. This is what happened to one former student of Ohio University in 2007. She visited OU’s Hudson Health Center in 2007 and they failed to diagnose a flesh-eating bacteria disease. The result of the misdiagnosis caused her


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