Day: December 31, 2013

$62 million awarded due to error in ectopic pregnancy procedure

For Ohio physicians and facilities, many procedures are considered simple or routine. The same is true across the count...

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Alleged medical malpractice leads to wrongful death in Ohio

If medical necessities arise, you want to trust that your doctors will care for you correctly. In this wrongful death c...

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Car crash caused teen’s traumatic brain injury

A 17-year-old high school junior suffered a serious injury in September in a car accident that kept him hospitalized fo...

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Child dies from appendicitis, brain injury while on vacation

Accidents happen and sometimes injuries result. However, when a hospital visit for appendicitis gives a 6-year-old girl...

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Child receives $32.8 million payout for birth injuries

It's unfortunate, but injuries suffered at birth can be life altering and may not be reversible. In this case, birth in...

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Couple will sue doctor in alleged forceps-caused brain injury

Anytime an individual submits to medical procedures, he or she is putting a lot of trust and faith in medical staff. Du...

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Driver arrested for fatal truck accident that killed 2

Federal marshals have arrested a truck driver for his involvement in a six-vehicle accident approximately a year ago th...

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Drunk driving accident leaves passenger a quadriplegic

Spinal cord injuries can impact a person's life forever, and a Pennsylvania man is now learning that. He was involved i...

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Head-on collision results in 3 fatalities including young girl

A head-on crash between an SUV and a Jeep in Columbiana County, Ohio, resulted in the tragic death of three occupants o...

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