Daily Archives: March 31, 2014

Teen’s mom unsure of source of spinal cord injuries

Ohio residents generally assume that police officers are there to help them, not hurt them. Although that is generally the case, some police altercations can easily spiral out of control. Just ask the family members of a 17-year-old New York teen who suffered serious spinal cord injuries after an encounter

Radiology technician imprisoned for purposeful false-negatives

A radiology technician was recently sentenced to six months in prison for giving false-negative mammogram results to 1,289 women because she was ‘behind in work’ and ‘disinterested in her job.’ The shocking details left the victims’ families wondering how technician Rachel Rapraeger, 33, could be so selfish and indifferent to

Ohio truck accident kills 1, truck driver sentenced

For truck drivers, severe fatigue is sometimes commonplace. These truckers are often on very strict deadlines that don’t leave much time to rest. Always meeting deadlines can sometimes mean that the truck drivers aren’t in a suitable state to be behind the wheel of a huge semi-truck. One trucker was

Ohio doctors caught importing unapproved drugs for profit boost

Seven Ohio oncologists were recently found guilty of bypassing the nation’s drug-regulation system to provide their patients with unapproved medication. The doctors will have to pay a combined $2.6 million in fines for violating federal laws. The physicians’ scheme involved various cancer-fighting medications such as Zometa, Kutril, Taxotere, Gemzar and

Lawsuit: Patient froze to death in morgue compartment

In a disturbing story so horrible it has previously been considered only an urban myth, a patient allegedly died in a Los Angeles hospital morgue after regaining consciousness. A California man is suing White Memorial Center and one of its physicians after he received his wife’s mangled body following a


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