Day: July 31, 2014

Bedsores, infections prove pervasive in Ohio nursing homes

Caretakers can prevent bedsores in the elderly or disabled by routinely changing the position of the patient. Bedsores,...

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Hospital error leads to disclosure of 20,000 patient records

At hospitals, data breaches and security lapses can sometimes be as injurious to patients as a misdiagnosis or surgical...

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Man killed in Ohio motorcycle accident

There are thousands upon thousands of people throughout the United States who enjoy taking to the open road on their mo...

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More than 12 million misdiagnosed every year

American health care is gripped with multiple problems, but none is bigger than medical misdiagnosis.More than 12 milli...

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Ohio car accident injures 2

A recent head-on car accident in Ohio on Interstate 90 left one man in critical condition and another in fair conditio...

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Ohio car accident kills 1, injures 3

Every day, there are car accidents in the state of Ohio, with some leading to serious injury and even death. According ...

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Pedestrian killed in Ohio car accident, 1 other injured

When drivers aren't driving in a safe manner, they usually don't think of how their actions might affect others. When a...

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Poland man killed in Ohio motorcycle accident

There will always be a large number of people in Ohio who enjoy driving their motorcycle. Some do so on a regular basis...

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Simple injection leads to life-threatening infection

Many people rely on injections to give them medicine, therapy or anesthesia. Patients should be warned about the small ...

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