Daily Archives: March 31, 2016

What causes fatal car accidents?

In the United States, thousands of people are injured in motor vehicle accidents every year. Unfortunately, many people also pass away as the result of injuries in such as crash. As a driver, you need to do your best to make all the right decisions on the road. This is

Reasons why spring driving is so dangerous

When it comes to spring driving in Ohio, you may be excited about the fact that the snow is in the past. You no longer have to concern yourself with snow, ice, and sleet making your life miserable as a driver. But remember that there are still dangers associated with

How does uninsured motorist insurance work?

What happens when you have been injured in a car accident involving another driver who had no insurance? This is a frightening position to be in. And unfortunately, it is a common scenario. In Ohio, all drivers are required to have auto insurance, but not all do. Fortunately, most insured

Concussion symptoms may be delayed

Although it is a mild traumatic brain injury, a concussion is nothing to take lightly. If you don’t receive treatment for this injury, it could cause you additional trouble in the future. There are times when a person experiences immediate symptoms following a head injury. There are also times when

Common signs of a spinal cord injury

There are many signs and symptoms associated with a spinal cord injury, some of which are easier to pinpoint than others. If you are involved in a motor vehicle accident, for example, there is always the chance that you could suffer from some type of spinal cord injury. In this

Can repeat concussions cause any long-term medical problems?

The effects of multiple concussions has become a hot topic recently, especially because of what has been noticed in some professional athletes who have suffered many hits to the head. The term “chronic traumatic encephalopathy” is one that has become fairly commonplace when discussing professional athletes who have suffered from


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