Day: June 30, 2016

Facts about drunk driving crashes in Ohio

Drunk driving crashes in any state can be devastating. One fact sheet published by the United States Centers for Diseas...

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How can truckers drive safely in traffic?

Truck drivers often find themselves on the highway, never having to worry about traffic. Of course, this isn't the case...

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How to drive safely on the highway

Highway driving is not the same as city driving. For this reason, you don't want to treat these as one in the same. Whe...

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Is long term treatment necessary for a spine injury?

If you suffer any type of spinal trauma, it's essential to receive immediate treatment. This will go a long way in stab...

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Race car drivers pay attention to brain injury risks

Thinking of athletes who are likely to suffer from head injuries, you are probably going to think about football player...

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Semi-truck accident kills motorcycle passenger

Semi-truck drivers have to be extra careful about what is going on around their trucks when they drive. When they aren'...

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Spinal cord injury treatments start right after the injury

The treatments for a spinal cord injury are usually very complex and involve various medical professionals. It might su...

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Take these important steps after a car crash

It is extremely scary to be involved in a car crash, especially if you've never been in this position in the past. This...

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Why is trucker fatigue a big deal?

Fatigue can have a negative impact on a person's mind and body. In some cases, such as when driving a vehicle, this can...

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