Jeffrey Beausay Helps Family Reach Settlement Of H1N1 Wrongful Death Claim

The Donahey Law Attorney Aided The Family Of A Medical Malpractice Victim

Columbus, OHIO, Nov. 13, 2012 - Attorney Jeffrey Beausay of The Donahey Law Firm recently helped an Ohio family settle a wrongful death lawsuit against the doctor, hospital and health care organization responsible for a young woman's care shortly before her death.

A notice of settlement was recently filed in the Franklin County Common Pleas Court after Kelsey R. Young's family agreed to terms with OhioHealth, Dublin Methodist Hospital and a physician. Should the Probate Court approve the settlement, as anticipated, the agreement will end the wrongful death litigation that commenced after Young died in September 2009.

On August 16, 2009, Kelsey Young, age 20, presented to Dublin Methodist Hospital (an OhioHealth hospital) with influenza-like illness. H1N1 appeared in the United States in April 2009, and was declared a world pandemic in June 2009. When it first appeared (April 2009), the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) issued guidelines for the management of H1N1. High risk patients (such as pregnant women, the very young, those with chronic illnesses, immunocompromised patients, etc.) should receive Tamiflu, an anti-viral approved by the FDA and CDC for the treatment of H1N1.

The doctor failed to prescribe Tamiflu, and Ms. Young was sent home. Her symptoms persisted, and three days later, she presented to Doctor's Hospital in Columbus, where she gave birth to her daughter, Ava, before dying.

As is customary, the terms of the settlement are confidential. The Donahey Law Firm is proud that attorney Beausay adeptly served the Young family in the wake of such a horrible tragedy.

Ava is being raised by her maternal grandmother. While a wrongful death claim can never sufficiently compensate a family for the loss of a loved one, a verdict or settlement agreement can defray the costs associated with the loss, and hold the wrongdoers accountable for their negligence. It also ensures that our physicians are practicing medicine within the standard of care expected of them, and thereby reduce the likelihood of medical negligence in the future.

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