Boogaard Family Files Wrongful-Death Lawsuit Against NHL

The New York Times has reported that Derek Boogaard's family filed a wrongful-death lawsuit against the National Hockey League. The family claims that the NHL is responsible for the brain damage that Booggaard sustained during six seasons as an enforcer in the league, and for his addiction to prescription painkillers.

Boogaard was found dead of an accidental overdose on May 13, 2011.

"We are seeing more cases as of late regarding athletes and injuries related to the head," said Richard Donahey, Attorney at The Donahey Law Firm. "The death of a young man is always sad to witness. It'll be interesting to see whether or not the National Hockey League is at fault in this instance."

Boogaard's family filed a lawsuit against the NHL Players Association last September, seeking $9.8 million, but it was dismissed this spring. The family said the union, after expressing interest in helping pursue a case against the league, missed a deadline for filing a grievance. A judge ruled the family waited too long to act and dismissed the case.
"I'm sure the Boogaard family is still grieving," exclaimed Donahey. At the end of the day, you hope that this case will bring some sort of closure to Derek's family."

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