Erb's Palsy

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Erb's Palsy is a paralysis of the arm resulting from an injury to a group of the main nerves in the neck/shoulder area, called the brachial plexus. The injury usually occurs during childbirth. If the doctor pulls the infant's head and neck to the side at the same time the shoulders pass through the birth canal, the nerves may be pulled to the point they stop working. The injury may also happen when a doctor puts too much pressure on the infant's raised arms during a breach delivery, or pulls too much on the infant during critical stages of the delivery.

The impact on the child often depends on the nature of the injury. Sometimes the paralysis may heal itself after a few months. Other times, the child may require physical therapy or surgery in order to regain use of his or her arm.

Obstetric Complications In Pregnancy

Sometimes during labor, the fetus's shoulder will get caught on the pelvis as it passes through the birth canal. This is called shoulder dystocia and is a significant obstetric complication in pregnancy. The obstetrician must take appropriate steps to deliver the baby as quickly as possible, hopefully without injuring the fetal clavicle or brachial plexus.

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We understand the lifelong impact Erb's Palsy often has on children's lives, so we are dedicated to helping them gain the resources necessary to get appropriate healthcare and move forward.

When our birth injury lawyers take an Erb's Palsy case, we thoroughly prepare the case for trial. We review medical records, talk with witnesses and consult with highly-regarded medical experts.

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