Shoulder Dystocia

Shoulder Dystocia Injury Lawyer

Sometimes bad things happen to good people. While not every bad outcome is medical malpractice, the results of medical malpractice can be devastating when it does happen.

At The Donahey Law Firm, in central Ohio, we understand the devastation families feel when a child is affected by Shoulder Dystocia. Our Ohio Shoulder Dystocia lawyers focus on holding doctors accountable for the medical negligence that often causes this condition. Since 1968, we have been representing injury victims in Ohio courts, and we use our extensive experience and skill to help clients put forward a strong case for compensation.

What Causes Shoulder Dystocia?

Shoulder Dystocia often happens during birthing complications. After the infant's head had has been delivered, the shoulder remains lodged. A set number of obstetrical maneuvers must be correctly performed to dislodge the infant without causing harm. Failing to perform the right maneuvers, the right way at the right time can be considered medical malpractice.

Medical malpractice can also occur when a healthcare provider fails to recognize risk factors for Shoulder Dystocia. These include gestational diabetes, large infant size [cephalo-pelvic disproportion (CPD)] and maternal obesity. If your OB/GYN has failed to recognize these signs, performing a C-section or taking another medical action so as to prevent shoulder dystocia, your provider may be liable for negligence.

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