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The Donahey Law Firm represents clients who suffered catastrophic head trauma injuries and brain damage caused by the negligence of others. Our experienced Columbus, Ohio traumatic brain injury attorneys carefully select the cases we take so that we may devote the necessary time and resources to a proper investigation. Every traumatic brain injury case we handle receives the utmost attention our clients deserve.

We work with specialists in accident reconstruction, neurology and life care planning to find the causes of an accident and to accurately determine the extent of brain injury. Our brain injury lawyers also examine the medical costs for future surgeries, medical equipment, physical therapy, home care, lost earnings, and reduced quality of life throughout the victim's estimated life-span.

Contact The Donahey Law Firm for more information on how our experienced Columbus, Ohio traumatic brain injury attorneys can help your family. We provide the knowledge and skills necessary to handle complex and often difficult traumatic brain injury cases resulting from:

In traumatic brain injury cases, insurance companies often seem to minimize the long-term cost of such catastrophic injuries. We study various kinds of accidents, such a rollover or rear-end accidents, and calculate expenses based on existing data associated with closed head injury and other frequently occurring types of brain injuries. Our lawyers carefully work to document the treatment and health care costs our clients are likely to face.

For the past 50 years, the clients and their families that we represent have come to count on our thorough preparation, negotiation and litigation skills in helping them find just a just resolution. If you or a loved one sustained a brain injury because of a negligent driver, health care worker, unsafe workplace or dangerous product, contact the Columbus, Ohio traumatic brain injury lawyers at The Donahey Law Firm. We offer four offices throughout Central Ohio, and a mobile office to serve the legal needs of clients regardless of where in Ohio they call home.