Failure to Diagnose Kidney Cancer

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Fears surrounding a cancer diagnosis are compounded when patients do not receive a cancer diagnosis when they should. When doctors and other medical care providers fail to diagnose cancer in a timely manner, medical care providers' ability to effectively treat the disease declines and medical consequences for the patient worsen.

Prior to a diagnosis of cancer, did a doctor send you home without conducting the proper cancer-detection tests? Did a physician conduct cancer-detection tests but fail to interpret them accurately? Contact the Ohio, medical malpractice law firm of The Donahey Law Firm.

At The Donahey Law Firm we have successfully helped hundreds of clients who suffered medical problems following doctors' failure to diagnose kidney cancer and other forms of cancer. If you believe your kidney cancer was "caught" later than it should have been, we can provide experienced legal help.

Doctors Have a Duty to Provide Competent Medical Care

Symptoms of kidney cancer include a presence of red blood cells in urine, a detectable cancerous mass in the abdomen and pain following hydronephrosis (obstruction of urine from the kidney. If your kidney cancer or the kidney cancer of a loved one was allowed to advance untreated because of medical malpractice our attorneys can meet with you at no charge, investigate your claim and, if appropriate apply decades' of legal experience to your case and pursuit of compensation.

Our successes to date include dozens of awards greater than $1 million and record civil jury verdicts in Franklin County, Licking County and Gallia County. For a no-charge consultation, contact our firm.

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