Hospital & Urgent Care Medication Errors

Medication Errors in Hospitals and Urgent Care Facilities

Patients in hospitals and urgent care facilities are often too sick or in too much pain to know exactly what is happening. By the time they notice a medication error, it may be too late. Serious damage may already have been done.

If you or someone you care about have been injured by a medication error in a hospital or urgent care facility, talk to an attorney at The Donahey Law Firm about your options. For more than 50 years, our central Ohio law firm has been representing injury victims in litigation. We know how to resolve cases effectively and efficiently. Our record of success is proof of this; we have recovered tens of millions of dollars on behalf of clients across the state.

Hospitals and urgent care facilities are responsible for the work their employees do. So, when a hospital employee makes a medication error, the hospital should be held accountable. There are several ways these pharmaceutical errors often occur, including:

  • Failing to give a medication when needed
  • Giving too much or too little medication
  • Giving the wrong type of medication
  • Giving a medication to which the patient has a known allergy
  • Giving two medications that are known to interact

Preparing a Hospital Drug Overdose Mistake Case for Trial

Medical malpractice cases are complex matters that should only be handled by experienced attorneys with extensive resources. In order to pinpoint a hospital or urgent care facility medication error, it may be necessary to review extensive medical records. Your lawyer may also need to interview witnesses and consult with medical experts.

At trial, experts will often give their opinion about what should have happened in a situation and how the hospital or trauma center's actions fell short. The other side uses experts too. Hospitals, trauma centers, their attorneys and their insurance companies often come to trial armed with experts to testify that a medication error was not the result of medical malpractice.

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