Eye Surgery Errors

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The majority of medical malpractice claims involving the eyes and reduced vision involve Lasik eye surgery. Many eye surgery errors and other instances of medical malpractice leading to vision loss occur from other instances of negligence, though, like:

  • Corneal transplants
  • Retinal repairs
  • Post-accident reparative surgery
  • Medication errors (including eye drops and oral medication)

Did Your Doctor's Negligence Cause Your Blindness?

If you have experienced significantly diminished vision in one or both eyes or have experienced blindness following medical treatment, contact The Donahey Law Firm. Our Ohio medical malpractice law firm:

  • Has achieved dozens of awards exceeding $1,000,000 in negotiations and courtroom litigation for clients injured by medical malpractice
  • Has a long track record of successfully handling eye surgery error litigation going back over 50 years
  • Has obtained the highest civil jury verdicts ever awarded in several central Ohio counties, including Franklin County, Licking County and Gallia County

If you need legal help following an eye surgery error or other eye damage occurring in an Ohio clinic or hospital, contact the lawyers of The Donahey Law Firm for experienced legal help. Call 866-918-5886.

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