Fatal Car Crashes In Ohio

Ohio Lawyers Handling Fatal Car Accident Claims

The lawyers of The Donahey Law Firm are committed to getting justice and compensation for families that have lost loved ones in motor vehicle accidents. We understand the loss that our clients have suffered, we are compassionate to their circumstances, and we are here to help.

We have been providing caring representation in fatal car accident cases for more than 50 years. Families in the Columbus area and throughout Ohio turn to us because we have a reputation for doing the right thing to help those who have had their lives changed by acts of negligence.

The First Step: Opening Up the Estate

Our attorneys recognize that our clients need to spend this emotional time with the ones they care about, not in probate court. We will handle the initial task of opening up the estate and having an executor or personal representative assigned. From there, we will move forward with building a strong case to recover damages for your loved one's wrongful death.

Our Goal: Justice for the Victims of Fatal Car Accidents

We are here to see that the person who caused the accident is held responsible for the life that has been lost. We want to see that the family gets compensation for the loss they have suffered.

We understand that there is no amount of money that can truly compensate the families of fatal car accident victims, and no amount of money will ever bring them back. Regardless, there are costs that need to be covered. Our goal is to see that everything from funeral costs to medical bills for live-saving measures to the loss of future income is compensated for in these cases.

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For a free consultation with The Donahey Law Firm, call us toll free at 866-918-5886 or contact us online. We have a variety of office locations throughout Ohio to better serve you.

Our law firm takes all fatal car accident cases on a contingency basis. You will only owe a fee if we obtain compensation for you. Other firms may request that clients share in, or cover, costs and expense incurred in pursuing a case, we don't. We will advance all of your legal expenses and costs as we move forward to get results for you.