Curtis Fifner | Video Transcript

I think the thing that separates us from a lot of law firms is that we take everything personally. When you develop the personal relationship with your clients, you get to know them; you get to understand the concerns that they have, and you can better advise them and better guide them. With the personal relationship that we’re able to have with our clients, it allows us to really understand what they’re going through and try to guide them as far as what’s the best thing they can be doing, how can they cope with this as a family, and allow us to do our job getting them the representation that they need and fighting for them. The thing I look the most forward to is helping people. I represent individuals, but I’m often times bouncing ideas off other attorneys, and other attorneys will bounce ideas off of me, so it’s not just that you’re just getting Curtis Fifner as your attorney, you’re getting the Donahey Law Firm as your attorneys.