Gordan Evans | Video Transcript

I’ve always known about the Donahey Law Firm. They’ve always had the reputation of being aggressive, very good attorneys and I was honored to be able to join them in 2003. What kept me in the law is not just that competitive nature and that competition in the courtroom, but the idea that through that competition, through being in a courtroom, I can help my clients who are being beaten down, and that’s really satisfying. I’m excited everyday I come into work. I know for a fact I’m gonna get to help someone. People call me in need and I spend my days, my career helping them stand up to those individuals who are trying to beat them down. I’m still very close friends with a lot of my former clients. I get Christmas card, personal calls, calls on Thanksgiving. The fact that they are my friends means I’m doing my job. When you come to the Donahey law firm, all our top trial lawyers have a background of working for the insurance companies, of working for the hospitals, the doctors. We know what they’re going to bring to the table. We know their tactics because we’ve been there. If you’re contacting me or the Donahey Law Firm, it means something bad has happened. What you need is not just an aggressive advocate, but frankly a close friend whose gonna be there as a partner to walk you through this process. When you walk into this firm, you get a team, a group of attorneys working for you. The only thing you have to worry about is getting better. Focus on your family, let us handle the rest.