Medical Malpractice | Video Transcript

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RICHARD S. DONAHEY: We have some exceptional medical facilities and professionals who do an excellent job of keeping Ohioans healthy and safe. From time to time, mistakes are inevitable. And they can result in a serious or permanent injury or even the loss of life.

The laws relating to medical malpractice in the State of Ohio have seen substantial changes over the 50 years that I've been practicing. Recent so-called tort reform has made it much more challenging to protect Ohioans who have suffered from negligence and the mistakes of doctors, nurses, and medical professionals.

Malpractice suits require a unique set of skills, experience, and resources to be successful. They require a firm who has the financial strength, the access to professional experts, and the legal knowledge to prepare a case for trial and ultimately gain a positive result for the client.

Medical negligence happens in our hospitals, regional medical centers, nursing homes, and radiology centers across the State of Ohio. These types of suits usually involve a wrongful death, the loss of use of a limb, traumatic injury during birth, and sometimes the misdiagnosis of a major illness. Perhaps a procedure shouldn't have been done in the first place.

Most attorneys and law firms simply don't have the resources or experience to handle these cases. And a lot of them are referred to us at the Donahey Law Firm. We've been handling these cases since 1968 and are one of the few firms with the resources and the track record of success to help make things right.

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