Personal Injury | Video Transcript

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RICHARD S. DONAHEY: I've handled nothing but personal injury law for over 50 years. And I've seen just about every type of case there is. When someone's been seriously injured, the last thing they think about is being in a courtroom. But one of the first things they need to think about is who is going to represent me. Who's going to take care of my legal needs and handle my case for me?

And the answer to that question is that it should be someone with actual courtroom and trial experience. If an attorney hasn't been in a courtroom often, the insurance companies don't take them seriously. And they settle the cases for a lot less than they should.

Since 1968, I've been working with people across the State of Ohio to protect their interests after an accident or injury. That type of experience really makes a difference to our clients, especially when it comes to what to expect with their case.

One of the things my firm does to give personal service to our clients is simple. We return phone calls. We're accessible. And we're available to them when they need to speak with us.

Each of us have a growing family ourselves. And we know how much an accident or an injury can affect a family. We care about the outcome of our client's case. We want the very best for them.

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