Richard Donahey | Video Transcript

We are one of the oldest, if not the oldest, in Central Ohio that exclusively does what we do, and that is representing injured people from auto accidents, on the job injuries, medical malpractice, injuries from defective products. We have lasted that long because I like to think because we’re that good. We’ve had some outstanding results; we’ve had some outstanding lawyers, and still have outstanding lawyers in the firm. They get good results, they’re one on one with their clients, one on one with their cases, they’re highly respected in the community, and I think that’s really what accounts for a lot of our success. The fact that we’ve just been successful, account for our continued success. We have seven lawyers here, so we’re not huge, yet we’re large enough to deal personally with each and every call that comes in. I get satisfaction out of taking folks who maybe otherwise would just throw up their hands, and seeing them off to a successful conclusion, where someday they can look back and say “well, I wish I hadn’t been injured, but this is the next best thing having had the Donahey Law Firm represent me and get me what I was entitled to by law.”