Wrongful Death | Video Transcript

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RICHARD S. DONAHEY: One of the hardest challenges to face in this life is the sudden and unexpected loss of a family member or loved one. It's important to find someone who understands what you are facing and who has the experience to protect your family's interests.

I've been working for the families of Ohioans since 1968. You may have lost someone in a car crash with a drunk driver, in an accident at work, or due to a mistake made by a medical professional or facility.

The State of Ohio sets a time limitation to begin the legal recovery process. And it's very important to find an experienced and proven firm that is prepared to represent your family and protect their interests.

You can never replace the loss of a loved one, never. But it's important for the family to be able to cope with the death of that person and to provide for the family's present and future needs.

I've worked on these cases for over 50 years. And I can tell you it takes a firm with strength, experience, and resources to help the family move forward.

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